07 July 2020 Service levels

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Participants: wouter, mike, ben


  • Service levels
  • Continuing this group as circle #3 Front office
  • Reception / user FAQs / user account chat / etc - services provided by whom?
  • Provenance of User organisations, copyLeft/copyFair licensing, service contracts, fair use agreement


- Operational members get a Small account as compensation for their commitments

- Operation members who are resellers get a set of containers:

   - Individual

   - Micro

   - Small

- Deployed on demand by Meet.coop

   - Free - self-service registration (one container for the world)

   - Medium - DevOps team

   - Large - DevOps team

- Events hosting

   - Events container is deployed on demand by DevOps

   - Intake checklist of customizations; standard options include:

       - custom domain name

       - front page text

       - room text

       - etherpad on/off

   - Recording & privacy

       - BBB has switch for recordings on/off

       - Our Greenlight doesn't yet have that yet, but the latest Greenlight can set per-room to record or not. There's is a consent form to be accepted before joining a recorded room

       - Even when toggled off, "raw" recordings are kept to a configurable number of days, we will set that low

   - We suggest a requirement to be a member before being able to use the event server

Sales process

- Free accounts - self registration no validation required

- Individual, Micro and Small accounts are sold through operational members as resellers who can manage the accounts on their specific containers

- Medium, Large and Events are services that while sold through operational members, they're deployed by DevOps


- Little differentiation between Free and Individual

- What is the revenue share?

- How are amendments made?