10th June 2020

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Meeting room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt

Proposed Agenda

Please do add to/edit/prioritise and improve and we'll agree it at the start of the meeting.

  1. attendance round: as there'll likely to be new people joining the meet, we do a brief round, with name and organisation and commitment to contribute to Meet.coop
  2. brief presentation slides About The Online Meeting Cooperative (to be all on the same page)
  3. preparing for OPEN 2020
    • test ca.meet.coop
    • OPEN2020 howto video
    • open issues and workarounds
    • support during the event
    • the BBB home (Greenlight)
    • communication about meet.coop
    • meet.coop @ digital infrastructure session, see this post
  4. discussion about languages, multiculturalism, gender-balance
  5. meet.coop servers, see Servers
  6. discussion about contributions and service levels for different user roles
  7. confirm Membership and Contributions
  8. visual design: contribute to wiki
  9. how do we organise ourselves to do tasks such as:
    • get access to systems: thread
    • weekly meetings
    • Building a social media presence and promoting the co-op.
    • Contributing to the git repos,
    • NextCloud at cloud.meet.coop
    • Fundraising
    • Economy
    • Updating the website, this uses Jekyll, see the git repo here, this is set up so that files can be editing using the GitLab web interface and this automatically updates the staging site on each commit and then their is a button to click to update the live site.
    • What else?
  10. anything else that comes up


Luke, Chris, Mel, Petter, David, Wouter


we discuss real time communication over the forum & over IRC

ACTION: recordings: deletion policy on demo but take off from https://ca.meet.coop

ACTION: fix up the default presentation (will take some fiddling)


   how to get other summer events using meet.coop

   how to bring in some income

   webarchs: comment on draft prices:https://opencollective.com/

       micro-org payment plan too close to the individual level?

       might be good to draw up a competitor payment place for comparison

       but it is probably fine if we're costing more because $world

time tracking:

   devops time keeping is sky-rocketing in comparison to others

   for coming events, how do we manage this, what we can do?


     use as is, if you don't like it, you need to find another option

     if meet.coop could ever write a front-end, that would be nice, more workable

     we should try to check out the moodle, wordpress, drupal etc. plugins as a front-end

money things:

     other member coops can re-sell the services? API re-use for their own clients?

     how do we sign people up as meet.coop? how do we meter the usage? how we manage these processes?

     monthly contribution is so far the proposed model

     webarchs are using invoiceplan for invoicing, still involves manual work

     developer capacity would be good to investigate front-end that fits what we want to offer

FYI metering, we can measure via https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/dev/api.html


   forum topic has nobody responding

   there is a new iteration with a C

   general agreement around the green logos

languages & translations:

   - BBB: we made changes to texts in English, but won't be displayed in other languages -> need translations, use some platform, wikitranslations, transifex?

   - Forum categories in different languages

   - https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/2.2/dev.html#localization-with-transifex

   - https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/dev/localization.html#localizing-bigbluebutton

   - https://www.transifex.com/pricing/ terror, can we somehow get a free account?

   - I know YunoHost use https://translate.yunohost.org/, weblate, free software


   Alpha service -> status page to inform of upgrades, reboots and so



[14:57] Welcome to <b>OPEN 2020</b>!<br><br>See the <a href='https://open.coop/2020info' target='_blank'><u>event info and program here.</u></a><br />The <a href='https://open.coop/2020chat' target='_blank'><u>breakout and networking space is here.</u></a>

[15:00] Wouter @femProcomuns.coop : Today we have no notes (disabled for OPEN2020 :-))

[15:01] Wouter @femProcomuns.coop : So let's open an outside pad: https://pad.femprocomuns.cat/meetcoop100620

[15:10] decentral1se : each out to opencoop people

[15:10] decentral1se : to see what they prefer

[15:10] decentral1se : i can do it :)

[15:12] Chris : https://forum.meet.coop/t/co-working-and-chatting/88

[15:16] Wouter @femProcomuns.coop : irc channel for real time coms tomorrow, https://forum.meet.coop/t/co-working-and-chatting/88

[15:17] decentral1se : every 14 days

[15:18] decentral1se : its everywhere now

[15:18] decentral1se : yeah it will wipe everything based on date

[15:18] decentral1se : so that is probably not good

[15:26] Chris : https://www.org.meet.coop/

[15:30] Petter : Sorry got to leave early, see you at the conference!

[15:32] decentral1se : o/

[15:36] Chris : https://www.invoiceplane.com/

[15:47] Wouter @femProcomuns.coop : https://opencollective.com/

[15:48] Chris : https://opencollective.com/static/images/opencollective-icon.svg

[15:57] dvdjaco : https://translatewiki.net/ is what we used last time for the Phabricator translation