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Agenda / notes for Aug 13 All-Hands meeting


Chair - Oli

1. Koumbit server update

   Server was downgraded to smaller server - which will have a smaller price
   Do we need 5TB of srtorage? - which is expensive.   1TB would be smallest - could simply remove 4TB...
   ** Can we have a quote for with / without the 4TB please? Seb - Koumbit to send this to contact@ which will then be shared via NextCloud

Streamlining provisioning of customer severs Ticket in Deck - Needs 1 person from Tech circle and 1 person from Product Circle to mange this

#todo Yasu :)

- re: Koumbit as a member, not at the moment, need to sort this internally at Koumbit first, around September

2. Minutes of the last meeting https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/6-aug-2020 and matters arising not covered elsewhere on this agenda

- chair of meetings to post meeting notes on Wiki

Reminder: everyone pls read https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Virtual_Office and set up, if missing access contact Organizational Circle to get you set up

3. Radical Routes

see discusions on https://forum.meet.coop/t/using-bigbluebutton-faq/268/12 we need to align BBB versions with Colocall... to determine where problems lie... - they could diable video - tell them we're upgrading software to latest version

  • Oli - tell them the above...
  • Ben - make task to align with Colocall

4. P&L see - https://forum.meet.coop/t/meet-coop-cashflow-profit-and-loss/274 and https://cloud.meet.coop/s/pfnbHCcBKbWMcLG We only have a certain lead time / we're burning cash ... and need to increase income and reduce costs. We need to reduce the expectation that Operational Members will get paid for hours.

[Open Collective currently estimates our annual budget at c.£1100]

Graham: We need a game plan / business plan... let's kick this off soon... Operational Members are 'bootstrapping' Meet.coop with labour in kind and resources... need clarity on when / if Operational Members get paid. Can we identify sponsors/investors/funders that might help?

Ben: Work doesn't automatically translate to getting paid. We have a lot of upfront costs - hope we can move to a plan to get compensated for new work... knowing we're moving in the rigfht direction gives motivation ... need to log hours clearly

Mel: (pass)

Yasu: keep server cost low - we need 3 times as many user Members to pay for server costs... keep burn rate low - it's OK as a voluntary org... ddirection is good...

Seb: Difficult to start without financial reward... people need to expect that... hours should have a mandate - if people keep punching hours without boundaries ... it doesnt help... collectively we decide how many hours we allocate to a project or sub project > to avoid a run away bill. As long as people don't expect to get paid... for all, just for MANDATED hours. On Costs: have started to work out reduced server costs. Koumbit does not have much time to put in - if you mandate us some support ticket.

Elon: We should have a plan to get paid ...

Oli: Like the idea of mandated hours - this seems important

Ben: We need to take consideration of this - then comment on the propodsal about compensation

5. Operational Membership policy

Pleased read this draft (https://cloud.meet.coop/f/3044) in advance of the call and come with comments and/or be ready to approve.

Graham - proposed the policy Oli - thinks it looks good

Ben - thinks we need to agree if we are using a resale model...? - G; maybe we delete this

Ben - another benefit of being an Operational Member is being able to do work and get paid - IF the company makes money!

Ben - we should tighten up language around "mandated work"?

Mel - no concerns - agree with Ben and Grahams replies

Yasu - trusts us to make a good process

Seb - Operational Members - for Koumbit to invest the required number of hours may be hard in one momnth... but maybe over a year... it would be hard to meet the criterea - but this is fine for Koumbit - and thinks this is a good process

Elon: no issues

votes = 6 thumbs up

  • Graham to tidy language
  • Mel - make a web form to capture applications - Product circle to define which form tool to use.

6. AOB

Sociocracy Training which Aaron is hosting

Jekyll Training too - please vote for a time slot if you would like to get involved


7. check out round.

G - feels like we're getting a grip - slightly worried about time we have to get a full grip

Ben - good - happy to see all

Mel - happy with way things are going

Seb - moving nicely - cool - is this the same kind of experience on BB now on new server??

Yasu - no change - usage seems lower now

Elon - good meeting

Oli - all good - let's all share more news about Meet.coop on our social media channels

Let's talk about social media in Product circle