14 July 2020 Organizational Operations - Payment processing

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Participants: Chris, Wouter, Yasu, Oli, Mike, Ben, Henning


- Mike: issue with reselling, there are operational costs, etc.

- Mike: if one co-op sells an account, does the co-op get commission?

- Wouter: colleagues are fempro are doing work to sell, they are not in a Circle but they are doing labour

- Ben: need to allow financial capacity to pay invoices, commissions, etc.

- Mike: prefer recognition of work vs. commission framing

- Wouter: There is a proposal from Petter, we can just clone their website, let ppl subscribe to membership offers, just need to agree who is the fiscal custodian

- One option: Petter suggested on the forum to clone their Wordpress+Woocommerce site which allows people to sign up for a membership plan and pay with credit card through Stripe

- Another option is to stick with the OpenCollective service w/ OpenCoop as fiscal host. Oli is having a conversation with OC today.

- Ben: start with OC, optimize on transparency, don't care cost, etc.

- Wouter: get started with OC, okay, but Petter's proposal can be less costly and more friendly, as people don't need to get an account on OC, they simply sign up, pay through Stripe and done. Then the receiving operational member should be 100% transparent and share regularly the detailed proceeds.

- Ben: OC can automate invoice sending (showed example he got)

- Chris: concerns about VAT

- Wouter: people are offering contributions, not selling services, may be able to not add VAT (cannot have a reciprical service, not a voluntary donation)

- Fiscal host needs to check this

- Mike: ask Stacco from DisCo

- VAT discussion, sounds complex, unsure about cross-continent transfers

* is it a service that we're providing or do we ask contributions to our members?

- Free Knowledge Foundation is a not-profit foundation in the Netherlands, but not a fiscal charity

- we are a cooperative platform using .coop domain so let's focus on a Cooperative entity doing the invoicing

- we need to pick an existing organisation for invoicing

- Mike: need to consult further, and see if Open Coop can deal with it

Wouter leaves and Oli returns!

- Oli: Pia meeting done, charging zero for charities, voluntary contrib fee on top. They can offer this for us that fits nicely with our contribution model. customer pays cost optionally

- Oli: moving funds, $ is in our bank account alrdy

- Oli: One time, one month, one year freq

- When ppl cancel, we get an email

- Ben: API and webhooks? Oli: looks like we do

- Oli: TransferWise for cross-border

- Chris: VAT >> https://docs.opencollective.com/help/fiscal-hosts/local-tax#vat

- Oli: avoid if you can - especially to start - think about it later if we need to, as and when

- Ben: for Canadian orgs how we don't collect VAT from customers or pay for contractors VAT/other tax obligations https://handbook.hypha.coop/finance.html#gsthst-rt

- Bump the VAT stuff down the line

- Stripe vs. OC?

  - Transparency

- Propose OC, raise VAT concerns, not select a specific host at this point

Next steps

- Oli to draft Open Collective proposal we have general agreement on