14 July 2020 Product Strategy and Services - Service levels

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Participants: Chris, Wouter, Yasu, Oli, Mike, Ben, Henning


- Oli: we need to price under the Zoom rates, and focus on getting users onboard, otherwise we will fail

- Focus on framing as "contribution", not a monthly fee, more coop oriented, accept a fair use policy

- Costs are related to the usage of our server capacity which relates to the intensity of #participants & cameras on

- Mike: principle of "contribution" is really important, things evolve,  early adopters need to be aware they are invited into a journey, of service development and new infrastcrture - not just another price-competitor in the market. It's an economic and social vision, aiming for a commons-cooperative economy, using digital infrastructure. Hasn't been done before :)

- Chris: we're not going to attract people comparing with Zoom (price), we attract people who don't want Zoom, don't need to try and price below Zoom

- Chris: moving ppl across containers will be a pain, suggest having a reduction in cost of paid account

- Chris: propose 30 participants, for all shared accounts, ppl over that need own servers

- Chris stay away from recordings apart from dedicated servers

- Chris: Paypal, Stripe, etc. get rid of setup fee

- Chris: Container has min 3 month subscription period, paid upfront

- Wouter: okay with Chris' proposal https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Prices

- W: Same shared container, propose different service levels without enforcing

- W: has a path to ask members to up their contributions, defined tiers

- W: commitment for a period - a year? three months? something.

- W: have X particpants based on contribution level

- W tiers are a fair use matter, not a greenlight matter

- Ben: hard to compete w Zoom. We might undercut their 14€ entry with a 10€ entry level?

- Ben - quartly collective reviews of revenue and load, maybe spin up more server capacity, maybe appeal for upgraded memberships? Active participation of users in strategy. Conversation and consent, rather than contracts and technical enforcement (which is not available to us anyway).

- Ben: we should allow for rooms that can do recording

- Ben: ultimately we'll want to (re)sell API keys so different frontends can interface with our BBB cluster.

- Ben - we should get to a place where we can sell API keys (secrets) to enable different front-ends - Greenlight, NextCloud, whatever.

- Oli - return to Price Points, Processing of Payments.

- The accounts are managed initially through the Product & Service Circle

- Henning: really simple individual paid plan to start, collect feedback from users, then have limits that are close to real needs

- H: Usually ppl are interested in 1 or 100 users, not the "middle"

- H: organizational and custom plans. Start with one account per member to keep it simple

- Wouter: existing orgs who alrdy contributed

- Mike: +1 for simple Paid account offering. It's almost like a crowdfund

- Yasu: in Japan, very good fiber optic, we can all p2p conference

- Y: promotionally, help individuals set up BBB by themselves, offer professional services

- Oli: we need to get to know our "customer" and therefore we need to get started.

- Henning: middle Paid plan

- Chris: we just set up dedicated server and we set it up for them, charge our time by the hour, otherwise we get stuck with contracts

- Oli: wordpress?

  - Chris: moodle and wordpress probably the main plugins

  - BBB plugin, prompt for API key that is unique per BBB server, but we cannot give that out bc that gives access to all meetings

   - Ben: primary sw dev focus we should be multiple API keys per BBB server

- Henning: we talked about this idea, it's very complicated, bc BBB has no concept of diff API key and also perm across diff keys. may be a complete rewrite of BBB. Don't see it in the near term

- https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Prices (with minor changes discussed in meeting)

- [ Chris, Wouter, Yasu, Oli, Mike, Ben ] agreed to this, Henning abstained since he's not yet a member

Next steps

- Wouter to draft proposal for Service level that we agreed upon