14th May 2020

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Participants: Chris, Petter, Yves, Sébastien, Ben, Yurko, Aaron, Wouter, Melissa, Yasuaki

Presentation round:


  • Wouter: works at femProcomuns.coop multistakeholder cooperative in Barcelona, running a cooperative cloud CommonsCloud.coop, also at the board of Free Knowledge Institute
  • Chris: at Webarchitects
  • Aaron: at Agile collective, works together with Chris, python programming
  • Ben: from worker coop Hypha based in Toronto, digital coaching/strategy, software dev, sysadmin/network management, decentralized web, bc of COVID-19 started sharing some infra/service to their community such as BBB and Jitsi.
  • Yasu: interested to start in Japan, python programming
  • Petter (admin): DigidemLab & Collective.tools (platform coop of 1 year old)
  • Melissa: from Newcastle, working at CodeOp does most of the front-end work/ UI/UX Designer, graphic designer, willing to help design a logo for the project (gets individual Session organising profile in exchange)
  • Sébastien, from Koumbit based in Montreal, part of the sysadmin team, provides WordPress/Drupal design and NextCloud for small organisations. We have racks with our own servers and rent them out. Own set of IPs two upstream providers. Quite a bit into network. Interested in BBB for use for themselves and providing for their community
  • Elon: from Hypha, sysadmin stuff, office tools, monitoring
  • Yurko: from Hypha, sw dev, networking,  bit of systems analysis, has experience with BBB, deployed as internal training tool
  • Yves: from Remix the Commons, willing to join as member

Notepad from the meeting

Our main pad :  https://pad.femprocomuns.cat/bbb-shared

Meeting Thu 14-05-2020

Agenda & Notes:

   * Presentation round

       * What does each organisation need/expect from Meet.coop

       * What can each of us contribute

   * What does the project need?

   * Develop Ansible deployment script and deploy

   * Testing our BBB instance

   * Authentication: with LDAP for CommonsCloud users, ...

   * Deploy Moodle and BBB integration

   * Design project logo

   * Activate donation profile at LiberaPay

   * Communication messages for our networks

   * Timetracking of our work

   * Transparent book keeping

   * Discussion space

   * next meet

   * other Issues



  Website: https://org.meet.coop/ code to generate website: https://git.coop/meet/jekyll

  Time tracking for the project https://time.meet.coop/


  - Start with cooperative basis, and add donation

  - Share responsibility and transparent bookkeeping vs. groups that mostly want to be a user but make use of infra

  - producer members vs. consumer members

  - rough budget for: ansible, dedi server, maintain... -> 5k-7k EUR

  - dedicated server is required! to do it well

  - shared instance is our starting point

  - "federated network of BBB instances" ben thinks blindsidenetworks is doing something like that

  - Yasu: latencies to Japan?

  - Yurko: 200 ms is limit to VOIP, we're on a VM, works fairly well (min req is VM, but BBB reccommends dedi)

  - Ben: `s/hyla/hypha/g`

  - Yurko: 13 ppl call ca 30 MBit (half people no video, 3 continents) -> https://github.com/hyphacoop/organizing/issues/246#issuecomment-622959373


  Front end - https://gitlab.com/bbb-scale/bbb-scale


  Distributed BBB - https://distancelearning.cloud/scaling-bigbluebutton-load-balancing/


  - May run several instances

  - Yurko: front end that works with several backends

  - Chris on ansibles: hoping to do some BBB work :) is Koumbit using ansibles? want to focus on that and have others sort other components of project

  - Seb: we don't use Ansible but we use Puppet at Koumbit

  -- cluster mode for BBB : https://github.com/blindsidenetworks/scalelite

Seb suggests to make a list of what each organisation could contribute. Wouter will set up a shared spreadsheet

GitHub repo of meet.coop to share notes and performance, perm resource that we can point to for other ppl.

Mel: ideas about visual identity?

Ideas that Hypha wants to explore:

- possibly set up OC as fiscal host in Canada

- help with reaching out to ppl who may need this and get them to donate to common $ pool

- contribute to document test results and user feedback

- help review and deploy devops scripts

- work closely with Canadian orgs to manage Canadian instance if it's a go

Have a look at different options of providers offering BBB services:

   Commercial providers : https://bigbluebutton.org/commercial-support

   Google BBB-dev group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bigbluebutton-dev


APC, Association for Progressive Communication came to Hypha with an interest in BBB

Chris to set up wiki.meet.coop running mediawiki

Chris sets up a MediaWiki instance at wiki.meet.coop

- Yurko: There was no good frontend initially, hacked together a quick script with API calls, not super difficult to API interact with BBB (pre-greenlight)

- Seb: LDAP connect is possible, according to the internet

- Seb: BBB within nextcloud

About scaling:


BBB-scale maintained by Department of Computer Science at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt: https://gitlab.com/bbb-scale/bbb-scale

Scalelite BBB-loadbalancer: https://github.com/ffdixon/scalelite

Ansible for BBB: https://github.com/softwaremill/ansible-bigbluebutton

Experiences and benchmarks:

Hypha.coop tuning their BBB: https://github.com/hyphacoop/organizing/issues/246

Official documentation about bandwidth: https://docs.bigbluebutton.org/support/faq.html#bandwidth-requirements

A detailed test and bandwidth calculations in German: https://www.hostsharing.net/blog/2020/03/30/bigbluebutton-im-lasttest/