16th July 2020

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Main Meetcoop Meeting Room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt


  • Attendance round (in case new people join): everybody briefly states name and affiliations
  • Progress towards the 'one-pager' - compare two versions, constructed in different ways. Blend the two?
  • Membership forum: https://forum.meet.coop/t/consensus-membership/171
    • amendments
    • issue: individual operational members ("workers") shouldn't need to contribute all that voluntary work as an obligation, should they? -> needs rephrasing
  • Circles https://forum.meet.coop/t/governance-model/128/84
    • Organisational Operations
    • Product Strategy and Services
    • Technical Operations (DevOps)
  • Service levels proposal forum: https://forum.meet.coop/t/what-services-can-we-offer-from-1st-july-2020/130/30?u=benhylau
  • Payments processing, options for "central" onboarding & payments collection:
  • Grant proposals
  • Any other issue

NOTES- Wouter: had a chat with chris, we need to get revenues soon, we've put a lot of work in already and there is urgency to get compensation

- Oli: we are very close by end of meeting

- Chris: no more resource to put into this project

- Chris: maybe switch over to collocall for infra

- Wouter shares spreadsheet with revenues

- Open Coop, Animorph, and MayFirst have paid

- About 2,795 EUR are committed

- Should cover a couple of months server cost

- Koumbit waived first month

- Ben: pay for infra now, labour needs a meeting in a circle to make  proposal

- Henning has advanced infra, with k8s cluster

- Henning may be able to provide a server cheaply, about 30 EUR per server, no problem with 200 ppl

- Ben: expect end-July to start selling, expect end-August to start paying ppl

- Go to service level and then scope out # of hours we need on tech side to enable that

Service level- proposal updated https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levels

- round to express concerns: Oli: no; Chris: needs financial person; Mel:  no, Ben: Chris has flagged to check with dotCoop about 3rd level domains; Yasu: a colleague of his thought it to be too pricey, no blocking concern; Elon: no; Henning: fine; Yurko: fine

- vote:  +1, 0, -1;  accepted

- Infra:

   - No multi-greenlight

   - Keep Free container on demo, keep L1-3 container on prod, Multi-account and Custom possibly through Collocall

   - Limit max participants to 50 and change registration procedure

- Website:

   - Straightforward (plain text, manual ordering  via link to ext service)

   - Design & branding / web design

  - Mel: wireframes, wait longer for logo; Oli offers to help (in particular to get the table of service levels & join button)

   - Get Petter to help    

   - Privacy Policy!

   - register users at mailtrain for newsletters?

- Onboard:

   - Service circle to handle setting new acc in Greenlight (only allow via invite, collect data of customer)

   - Admin: register new member in membership list; keep upto date payment accounts (Service Circle)

- Payment processing

- Henning: we can set up a dedi in 1 week (EUR 200, > 20 servers) , Greenlight in 2 days

- Ben: we have a EUR 300/server

- Chris: we have a over-spec'd server, but want to stay with a coop

- Chris: if we need to cancel, we should give 1 month notice

- Wouter: they also didn't charge us for first month

- Chris: count that Koumbit contrib when we do our contrib accounting

- Henning: in our exp overspec'd servers aren't doing much for BBB
Circles:   Time poll to be circulated


- Organizational Operations:

  - Ben, Wouter, Oli, mike


- Product Strategy and Services:

   - Wouter, mike, Oli, Yasu, Mel

   - Ben (temporarily), Petter

- Technology Operations:

   - 2h per month for BBB updates

   - 2h per 3 months for Docker updates

   - 1-2h for setting limits of #participants to 50, max duration to 3 hours

   Yasu, Henning, yurko, elon


Henning is doing the same updates for Collocall if it is really urgent. Yurko and Elon could also put time to this if needed.
Payment systems:   Two proposals
1 open collective

  • graham mitchell is overlap of Platform 6 (potential Fiscal host) and webarchitects, and VERY coop-experienced and committed in Coops UK
  • Platform 6 not VAT registered
  • for now  we'd be receiveing contributions without VAT
  • money goes straight to Platform 6 bank account (a UK cooperative)
  • transparent transactions thro Open Collective
  • meet.coop staff would be admins at OpenCollective and submit expenses through OC and do a payment request to Platform 6
  • invoices issued by OC or by Platform 6? see https://docs.opencollective.com/help/fiscal-hosts/invoices

2.    clone of collective tools

  • wordpress front end with Woocommerce /Stripe plugin for credit card payment
  • see https://subscribe.collective.tools/product/meet-coop-membership/
  • not transparent in the same way as OC
  • collective.tools must be sole admin
  • invoicing needs to be done by reseller/meet.ccop manually- There seems to be an interest for option 1 for the short term so we hold a Round with concerns. No one expresses blocking concerns.

- We hold a voting round with +1/0/-1 in favour, abstain, blocking and all vote in favour. Oli will request the setup of the OC account with Platform 6 as fiscal host.

Reimaining items on the agenda are moved to next week. We end the meeting.