21st May 2020

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For a meeting agenda here's a few suggestions, that can be amended and added to:

1. presentation round: as there'll likely to be new people joining the meet, we do a brief round, with name and organisation and commitment to contribute to Meet.coop

2. brief presentation slides About Meet.coop (Wouter)      

3. mention those interested/committed who are not able to join the meet

4. proposed roadmap (Chris)

5. expected contribution levels individual hosts / member organisations (users/producers)

6. anything else that comes up

7. (Oli request) - quick demo of any other tools the platform has... breakout rooms etc?

Please suggest anything you'd like to add to this agenda.


- Wouter: Free Knowledge Institute: committed as consumer member, femProcomuns: producer member

- Ben, Yurko, Elon: worker coop Hypha, become producer member contributing experience

- Chris: Webarchitects, set up the wiki and preparing technical dev & roadmap

- Mel: from Necastle, graphical designer

- Oli: from Open.coop, to see how it works and consider using it for Open.coop

- Elon: also from Hypha.coop

- Yasuaki, from Japan, exploring to set up working coop in Japan with related Free Software services,

- Robert: from Markham/Canada, part of Digital Life Collective, host own infra, but nothing videoconf. Open Learning Commons

- David, from Barcelona, FKI and femProcomuns.coop used to work as sysadmin some experience w Ansible can give a hand there, technical writing and communication

- Yurko: from Hypha, programmer background, working on adhoc frontend for BBB


- oli: want more features and away from corporate

- yurko: jitsi gets process intensive

- david: jitsi not good for large meetings

- ben: mobile support w/o needing an app, 10+ ppl meetings

- one org wants an individual account (instance)

- oli (on open call): 50-60 ppl (prev 300-400 conferences), breakout into small rooms, multiple rooms running...

- one-to-multi vs. multi-to-multi, oli prefers multi-to-multi use

- chris: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Roadmap

  • - get a lot of ppl in using alpha.meet.coop (June launch)
  • - autoprovisioning beta.meet.coop (Sept), multiple servers with load balance

- wouter: what do we need for June?

  • - chris: need to rent a server quickly
  • - collective.tools can pay this

- looking at spec'd server

  • - yurko: run into bandwidth issues with 1GB bandwidth for 200 ppl (across all sessions)
  • - chris: get what we can afford, for a month or so
  • - yurko: enable recording? HD space
  • - chris: SSDs for OS and HDD for recordings
  • - aggressive purge policy (a day) to start, on recordings

- open coop can contribute to cost if they use this

- ben: parallel deployment in Montreal, shared ansibles. ping sebastian

- chris: want to own hardware (not rent), but very expensive

  • - rent something for next few months

- many ppl agree to:

  • - keep things simple, get what we can afford, single server at OVH
  • - parallel deployment in Canada, hypha to ping kombit, sharing ansible + wiki docs
  • in sept
  • - revisit in september (beta) if it makes sense to join into multi-server instance, next steps, etc.

Chris: could we afford this for example? https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/cart/?id=328 3.6GHz / 5.0GHz Turbo

8 Cores / 16 Threads


2x 480gb SSD 1Gb un metered $ 299.00 per month