22nd July 2020 Technology

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Attending: Henning (collocall), stb (collocall), Elon (hypha), yasu

  • There seems to be no one available to do admin work at the moment, e.g. do updates, restarts etc.
  • demo.meet.coop not well?
  • ColloCall would offer to manage 1-2 servers for the next 1-2 months. Monitoring, Updates, etc.
  • Use that time to get first customers, and share knowledge/structure on administration
  • Makes no sense if meet.coop redevelops everything collocall already has
  • Important for ColloCall that we act as one in the end and not compete
  • ColloCall has already almost everything automated and this can be used worldwide but there needs to be local coops doing user support and supply locally hosted bare-metal servers.
  • Decision: Bring offer to All hands meeting
  • We also need to figure out the costs of the current servers and if we can keep them.
  • Freeswitch (part of BBB) has problems on virtual servers. ColloCall decided not to experiment with that and user bare-metal servers.
  • yasu: What limits has collocall hit?
  • stb: no limits really hit before. Maybe we should do a bid loadtest together?
  • stb gives a introduction to ColloCall monitoring and infrastructure
  • stb: quite advanced infrastructure so we need some time to decouple everything before we can hand our stuff over (ansible, grafana, gitlab runners etc.)
  • Elon will be available from September, yasu needs training
  • That at this point leaves collocall to help with admin work atm
  • Local coops would do user support/sales. Coops would need a ticket system?