23rd June 2020 Governance

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Participating: mike, chris, oli, ben, wouter

  • Prep for Thursday meeting
  • Things in coming week vs. long-term

Coming Weeks

  • What is "near term"? July 1 vs. September 1?
  • How we deal with things
  • How we make decisions and the legal process
  • Operational form, diff forms of contribution, assembly
  • The legal form we choose, it's a consortium of organizations
  • Chris thinks early-July we can start selling services, we need to figure out how
  • Ramp up?
    • Greenlight containers, with tiers of duration, etc. (no way of metering...)
    • Can create lots of Greenlight instances
    • Orgs have own Greenlight container, manage their own accounts
    • Plugins need separated dedicated instance (not the shared instance)
  • Ben: Chris' Greenlight instance based proposal makes a lot of sense, we can est. bandwidth use per by by counting video/audio streams and # of rooms, medium-term we can look at how Guifi measure network usage to split BBB backend cost
  • Chris: Open Coop can sell accounts at the container level
  • Ben: we may not know how oversubscribed we can be atm
  • Oli: be very clear on fair usage policy
  • Chris: existing server costs GBP (private number) / month maybe!! we don't really know yet. know we can handle 50-60 users at once (can probably reach 200 users)
  • Chris: single instance is impossible to manage and a security nightmare
  • There is no way of moving accounts between containers
  • Same org, different tiers are two different tiers
  • Each org has their own containers
  • Michael: can we monitor usage at container level

Organizational structure

We are now an informal Consortium, initiated by Webarchitects, femProcomuns andCollectiveTools where other organisatons applied to join and make their contribution as proposed in May 2020.

  • This is how you join, leave, and these are your rights
  • Chris: e.g. May First, how to formally bring them in?
  • Conditions to join?
  • Co-op of organizations? also of associations, of foundations, etc.
  • Chris: only have Consumers and Producers
  • One vote per org
  • Mike want to produce a visual structure
  • Wouter make a text copy as input to Mike's diagram
  • How to accommodate individual contributions? (e.g. Melissa but she works for Code Operative, so she isn't a good example of this!)


  • Federation level, one or two vote per federation organization
  • Every org will need an internal meeting first
  • Async decision making in e.g. loomio with sufficient lead time e.g. 7 days
  • Seems loomio is only threaded medium for polling...
  • Chris: discourse, member category, limit who can post on those threads, can do loomio but not pref
  • Seems ppl generally want to stay on our Forum and add polling plugins
    • Decisions are not made inside meeting rooms, but on the platform we choose