23th July 2020

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Main Meetcoop Meeting Room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt

absent with notification: Wouter

present: henning, graham, oli, ben, elon, mel, andreas, yasu, jim


Scheduled below - 70mins

0 Attendance round - 5min

  • New faces
  • Meeting agenda - Any other business (AoB)?

1 Technology circle - 20min

  • Membership - Collocall as an operational member of meet.coop
  • Proposal: Take offer from ColloCall to take over management for two server for the next two months https://forum.meet.coop/t/purpose-of-the-technology-operations-circle/218/11
  • Proposal: Evaluate current servers and costs involved https://forum.meet.coop/t/purpose-of-the-technology-operations-circle/218/11
  • Setting up the servers could be 5 or 10 hours - and the initial set up could be part of Collocalls 40 hours -
  • Status of available hours thro July/Aug/Sept
  • Implications for other circles - notably Product circle
  • Free accounts server (DigLife development server)
  • Status
  • Any other servers
  • Who is admin on the NextCloud instance?
  • Open Items that need volunteers (wouter)
  • Boot up Desk app inside NextCloud - Did wouter mean Deck?
  • Accounts needed @ Webarchitects
  • Wiki - @hng. Others?
  • Jekyll/GitLab - @oliSB. mel. henning. yasu. petter/andreas
  • Any other accounts needed for operational purposes?

2 Product circle - 20min

  • Circle concerns/comments on the cut-over plan
  • Minimum Viable Product - description and launch - items for tomorrow's circle meeting
  • Review actions July/Aug/Sept - for decisions @ tomorrow's circle meeting.
  • Graham / Platform6 fiscal host
  • AoB for tomorrow
  • Website plan

3 Organisational circle - 10min

  • Consistent use of names of Circles across spaces
  • Circle concerns/comments on the cut-over plan
  • Contribution accounting - Purposes/platform/protocols - tomorrow's circle meeting
  • Sociocracy training - The Open Co-op might be able to buy some traininng for any members of meet.coop that would like to join
  • AoB for tomorrow
  • Consistent tools and workflow based mainly on NextCloud
  • Move existing funds into OC

4 AoB - 5min

  • Regular all-hands meeting slot and dates thro July/Aug/Sep
  • Other?

5 Concerns round - 10min

  • All


Attendance round

- Oli, Open Coop, Prod + Orga Circle

- Andreas, Collective Tools, Prod Circle

- Ben, Hypha, Orga + Prod (temp) Circle

- Elon, Hypha, Tech Circle

- Graham, management committee of Webarch/Director of Platform 6/Digital Life Collective, Prod Circle

  - make sure this works as a business and labour compensate

- Henning, Collocall, Tech Circle

- Mel, code-operative in New Castle, Prod Circle

- Yasu, Japan, Tech + Prod Circle

  - develop market in Japan

Technology circle

- Henning: Collocall, feel comfortable joining and know their resource is needed at this time

- Proposal for Collocall to become Operational Member

  - https://forum.meet.coop/t/membership-of-meet-coop/171

- vote Collocall in as a member based on labour contribution commitment

  - ben, mike, oli, graham, mel, yasu, elon, andreas voted +1

- henning: proposal to take both servers into our system (a weekend outage) and keep maintainence next 2-3 months, sales can go on, provide base stable service

  - transfer our ansible roles over (decouple from our system), tech circle can take control (tranfer)

  - right now we already have something working

  - minimal work to reinstall with our script, etc.

- yasu: would like to help

- ben: +1 to tech roadmap alignment, Prod needs a stable reliable service, no other plan on the table atm

- oli: concern this will rack up additional cost, like estimate (what rate and cost)

  - henning: 5-10 hours install, part of membership 40h

  - more work to decouple our infra

- mike: duration?

  - henning: sept, next 2 months

- graham: need to take servers, remake them, to provide more cost efficient maint moving forward

  - ben: reinstall is actually quite low cost, long-term cost much lower by centralizing maint and monitoring

- henning: migrate databases

  - Jim: I no longer have access to the machine

  - sysadmin of the demo server as well as prod (koumbit)

- Graham: doesn't make sense if we put work into prod server then get rid of it

  - henning: proposal of management is independent of servers

- everyone voted +1, oli and andreas abstained

- henning: koumbit server is overspec'd, doesn't make sense for our use

  - seems general agreement to get lower spec server, with 1 month notice to koumbit, but want to stay with

  - relationship with koumbit

  - graham: koumbit provided server at discounted rate, have been paid

  - ben: Sebastien was in our calls before, and we agreed to use this server, I think some setup costs were waived

- graham proposes: happy with tech group to liase with server provider, but collectively vote to spend money

  - consensed to move forward

  - henning to email sebastien and take back quote to all hands

  - Xeon-CPU, 32GB+ RAM, min. 2TB HDD

- use NextCloud Deck, etc.

  - let Org decide on tools and set up workflow, and everyone will get an email in a week with instructions to get "bootstrapped" into workflow

Product circle

- Oli: Prod group wants everyone to let Prod decide  how to describe the product, etc. from marketing side

  - Andreas: recommend letting ppl who work on the website to decide jekyll vs. website

  - consensed to let Product circle take over these decisions (tmr's call)

- Oli: need a link to link website to OC, just need to clear that roadblock,

  - sort git.coop access for OSB, henning, yasu, mel, andreas

  - sort privilege levels

- fiscal hosting for Platform 6

  - graham: marketing system in place, customer database, management of revenue flow

  - immediate term, need institutional partners to get significant chunks of $ into project to bootstrap

  - yasu: interest from institution in Japans, but need supporting sales material to back it up

- graham sees OC as interim channel, before Meet.coop has an legal entity

  - social.coop incurs significant admin overhead, want this group to focus on smaller amounts of large transactions

  - current finances https://cloud.meet.coop/apps/files/?dir=/meet.coop/finances&fileid=215

Organisational circle

- Org circle, time tracker and compensation policy

  - tools, may tangle a little with Prod

- An offer for sociocracy training

  - aaron may be able to supply it, and Open Coop may be able to pay for it

  - lots of ppl interested

  - Oli look at possible dates and come back with proposal

- ben yells: USE THE SAME NAMES or take the first word (e.g. Product circle, not Services circle) and full names in official channels (e.g. Product Strategy and Services)

- thoughts on NextCloud bundled with Meet.coop

  - Andreas: depends what we want to focus on at the coop, focus on revenue first

  - ben: +1 to what Andreas says

- meetings for Circles

  - (fri, tmr) https://forum.meet.coop/t/purpose-of-the-organizational-operations-circle/220/6

  - (fri, tmr) https://forum.meet.coop/t/purpose-of-the-product-circle/217/23

  - (wed) https://forum.meet.coop/t/purpose-of-the-technology-operations-circle/218/12



Concerns round

- yasu: want examples of orgs using "full" foss tools

- henning: hope we get this running soon

- ben: apprec well moderation from mike, graham is saying exactly what we need focus on hope he stays involved

- oli: +1 to ben's pts, need to discuss with graham re: sales to org segment of market

  - henning: if we want to sell large servers, need coops to procure local servers, and install common software

- mike: much easier now with circles