25th June 2020

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Please add to and adapt the below draft agenda for the meeting


3pm CET https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt

  • Attendance round
  • Agree on agenda
  • Draft Service levels
    • service definition (max #rooms, duration, participants, ...)
    • price
    • name of the service
    • domain names
  • Draft governance model:
    • Proposal Co-op of Co-ops
    • The Online Meeting Cooperative as a consortium: draft Governance Model
    • A slide deck on principles of governance - system operations and coop purposes
    • Aim for mid-term constitution of a true multistakeholder cooperative
    • How do we make decisions?
  • Get services up and running
    • Greenlight containers per service level
    • Explanation of the services
    • Onboarding processes
    • Economic management, pooling member contributions and compensating work
  • Upcoming events
  • Draft Terms of Use, [Privacy Policy]
  • Communication & community building
  • Grants proposals
  • any other issues


attendance round: Wouter (Free Knowledge Institute, femProcomuns), Chris (Webarchitects), Mike (OPEN2020), Gus (Tor Project), Ben (Hypha),  Yasu, Mel, Yurko (Hypha), Elon (Hypha) - Oli (arrived late - sorry!)
- Technical capability

- Current state of art: for using the client side plugins like for WP, Moodle, NextCloud, Discourse requires to use a specific API secret which exposes user data and room data, and therefore can only be used with dedicated servers.

We can very easily provide many docker containers of Greenlight, with different configurations, like max #participants, #rooms, #session duration

We could easily deploy customised containers with custmised branding. Authentication LDAP, Google app, Microsoft Office 365.

A draft definition of Service Levels: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levels#Services_we_hope_to_offer_from_1st_July_2020
For events that need recording, the WP plugin could be used.

Oli - what does this mean? Does the WP plugin change the way BBB meetings can be recorded?

The API secret is unique and stays on the server, so if we'd host sites with BBB plugins (with that secret) the users still won't have access to the secret.
Set up a demo.meet.coop with a bunch of apps like WP, moodle, NC, ... to show off the possibilities. Learn.meet.coop to use Moodle connected with BBB.
GBP 30k would provide a 3U 8 dedicated servers (own).
- Yurko: proxy to create unique keys to each frontend client

Check whether there's an issue on the BBB github and open one for this feature. This might unblock many of the things we'd want to do. OTOH building a new frontend would also be a huge effort, to be considered after we are generating real revenue.

- Ben: Can BBB server-side measure usage without frontend?

- Monitoring: Chris got Munin set up. Shoudl check with ColloCall what they do to measure usage. With 50 ppl in a meeting it maybe using 20% of capacity but we don't know which rooms are consuming that.

- BBB has no idea of accounts, granularity has to be done on the frontend.

- probably it should be in same patch as multiple BBB api key, and we can then differiate per key usage and therefore know per org usage

We agree that we need to seek funds for account management software.
https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levels- Governance meeting happened on Tues (notes in wiki and forum)

- Chris: WebArch has "user members who are workers and employees", "members who aren't employees", in theory also "investors" (each has 1/3 votes)

So maybe we should add Investor members, with less voting power.
- Existing individual members, how can they influence key decisions?

  • - Thru a coop they can join- May First, do offer indiviudal membership. What is the difference between May First and this?
  • - Mike: they are a movement org first, then later became a coop
  • - Right now we have time tracker and monetary contributions tracked
  • - Chris: on trust, on the foreseeable future- Idea of an executive team, dedicated to core tasks
  • - We can compensate these people
  • - Chris: Sociocracy sysadmin circle, marketing circle, client support circle, etc.
  • - Mike: really like circles, enable p2p agile working... domains of responsibility. want to move asap to circle form of org- Chris: would Tor be interested in an org like this?
  • - Gus: interested being part of a cooperative but need to check with other members. also to be part of the discussion
  • - Chris: know ppl from Tor, Riseup, etc. have worked together on stuff- Oli - what is expected of Producere Members? Is it expecteed that they all make the same level of contributtions?
    Oli - we are not the first group to try and solve the "how do we reward the founders and initial members of this collaborative effort?" problem... many other projects have tried to solve this in various ways... one idea is to use reward points ... another in bonding curves... another is reputation and time trackers / cobinations of these... see https://open.coop/2020/05/15/open-2020-webinar-sourcecred/ for one example of a system which rewards via tokens - which integrerates with Git and Discourse - so it monitors who does what and awards 'tokens' based on the value of these contributions - it's really VERY sophisticated and versatile...
    Event this Saturday: https://forum.meet.coop/t/confluence-of-the-commons-wsfte/147
    Tor Project: Gus will feedback to their team. They have different options: rent a dedicated server and set up and maintain the various pieces of software themselves. Or rent a BBB service. Or join Meet.coop and use the shared services, as a member and contribute for a certain service level and/or engage with the Meetcoop community as much as possible and of interest. They could help draft/review privacy documents.