28th May 2020

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Please do add to and improve and we'll agree it at the start of the meeting.

  1. attendance round: as there'll likely to be new people joining the meet, we do a brief round, with name and organisation and commitment to contribute to Meet.coop
  2. brief presentation slides About The Online Meeting Cooperative (to be all on the same page)
  3. server selection from Alpha server options
  4. deployment script and planning for the coming days
    • This Ansible repo is using this Ansible role (plus some Webarchitects roles) to build a test server, currently on Webarchitects infrastructure but an application for a development server with FOSSHOST has been submitted here.
    • Are we happy with using the GPLv3 for code we write and are we happy with having public repos (passwords and secrets are left on the server rather than existing in the repo)?
  5. preparing for OPEN 2020
  6. discussion about service levels for different user roles
  7. confirm membership contributions
  8. discussion about languages, multiculturalism, gender-balance
  9. how do we organise ourselves to do tasks such as:
  10. anything else that comes up

Maybe we'd need a break-out session - depending on how many we are and what topics could be best discussed in parallel.


Attendance round: Wouter (FemProcomuns, FKI), Ian (GreenNet); Yasu (starting up worker coop in Japan), Yurko (Hypha.coop), Melissa, Petter (Collective.tools, DigidemLab), Ben, David Jacovkis, Pedro (eXO), Mike Hales,

We go through the presentation slides

The meeting room today is hosted at Koumbit's BBB server. Time lags are hardly noticeable. Statistics on ping times from around the world to Montreal: https://wondernetwork.com/pings/Montreal

Server options for Alpha: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Alpha_server_options

We seem to have consensus on using the offer by Koumbit's, it'll be somewhat more expensive than the Hetzner offer, but it is cooperative and run by a collective that wants to be part of Meet.coop. System support is on-call, which can be an important added value when things go awry - many commercial hosters don't have quick response times unless you pay for additional support contracts.

Pedro from eXO/Guifi.net from Barcelona joins the meeting to mention their interest to offer servers in their community datacentre connected through the community broadband network Guifi.net. We can get into detail for the next stage.

About the OPEN2020 running on BBB @meet.coop we have this thread: https://forum.meet.coop/t/open-2020-planning/30

Recommend to Open2020 to have a Zoom backup plan just in case.

We should do user experience sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, together with the OPEN2020 team, have a thread in the forum on this, to share experience and help each other out, especially the meeting convenors and moderators.

We should have a test server ready on Monday and the Koumbit server early next week.

We discuss how to get organised, we have the key tools up and running, but they need time to curate content in the wiki, having relevant discussions at the forum, add a page or two to the (Jekyll) website, be part of discussions in the social media - it is suggested to use the hashtag #meetcoop and avoid creating twitter accounts for the project. All this takes time and tasks that are really dedicated to meetcoop each of us should register the time in the time tracker. Please request an account on that server. That will allow us to distribute compensations once we have the funds for that. Right now all funds committed will go to server costs.

Other points of the meeting will be discussed during the next session(s). The next meeting is convened for Thursday 4th of June, 15h CEST, meeting room to be confirmed. Keep an eye on the forum ;-)

Chris and Sebas stay on to discuss the deployment of the server.

bandwidth usage for the meet

This meeting was hosted on Koumbit bbb instance in Montréal, here is the graph of bandwidth usage.

Bbb-koumbit-net-network-if enp7s0-day.png