2nd July 2020

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Main Meetcoop meeting room: 3pm CET https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt


NotesAttendance round:

- Wouter (femProcomuns.coop, Free Knowledge Institute)

- Ben (Hypha)

- Jamie

- kawaiipunk (autonomic)

- Aaron (Agile Collective)

- Jim Whitecarver (Digital Life Collective)

- Mike (Open.Coop)

- henning (collocall)

- Gus (Tor Project)

- Chris (Webarchitects)

- Mel (Code-Operative)

- Yasu (Meet.coop in Japan)

- Oli (Open.Coop)

- Elon (Hypha)

- Luke (autonomic)

- DavidJ (femProcomuns)
Membership & DecisionmakingBen summarises the progress. We have had some break out sessions last Tuesdays to discuss in more detail the membership and sustainability model. We need to draw conclusions and have one consistent model.
There seems to be rough consensus to start our membership classes in these 4 classes Operational/Users x Organisational/Individual. Reselleing for now fits inside the Operational members class.
Aaron / Agile Collective works on a sociocratic way, and is invited to join the Governance meeting on next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday meeting at 14:00 CEST: 1st hour on decisionmaking and 2nd hour on service levels incl events.

Upcoming events and conferences in July-August

Add upcoming events here, be they from our current members or from potential members interested in joining and using meetcoop https://forum.meet.coop/t/upcoming-conference-and-events/160

OSB: try to use the existing model and service levels.

InterArchive is using gather.town but might be interested

Per event pricing
Pricing? - kawaiipunkAre co-ops able to set their own prices?

WT: NO we need to agree on prices collectively;  So we all use the same prices, for now. Possibly a future node in the Southern hemisphere might need to have lower prices and maybe also somehwat lower costs.

https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levelsHow do we make sure we're not undercutting each other?

See above.

How long till we are able to start reselling as an operational co-op?

first we need to be able to run well various GL containers, hopefully in the coming few weeks, and in parallel agree on service levels and reseller compensation.

Setting up for a new event would take 15-20 h of (non-technical) communication with client.
Sell an event service as an add-on, so to make sure the even organiser has access to a regular service and for the event upgrades to the events service.