30th July 2020

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Location: Main Meetcoop Meeting Room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt

absent with notification:

present: Oli, Mike,

Agenda & Notes inline

Notes in italic

** Action point

1 Technology circle - 20min

  • ColloCall server management Henning has been in touch with Sebastain - Koumbit will be able to downgrade our Server - and would like to Join officallly and provide lower spec servers
    • architecture of local servers vs. loadbalancing
  • Henning - 2 main options: cluster of shared servers, and dedicated for conferences etc  - it will be a whille before we need a cluster
    • production server: ca.meet.coop
  • Oli: Register all new users here for now
    • demo.meet.coop server Status
    • event service: costs & prices
  • Henning: Sales need to ask for requirements... TWT - cost should be at least £400-£500 for one month... to cover costs - next step = where would this server be hosted? Web Arch / Colocall
  • ** Henning to talk to WebArch
  • ** Wouter to quote TWT
  • ** Wouter to add OSB to Contact@ email - DONE
    • Any other accounts needed for operational purposes?
    • Oli - who should be registered on meet.coop??
  • Wouter: create new Profile = Service level
  • **Wouter to create new Profile levels - DONE
  • **Oli to contact ALL registered and confirm - in spreadsheet - DONE

2 Product circle - 20min

recall https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levels

Minimum Viable Product - description and launch / edit website & opencollective

  • ** Oli - make changes live on site - DONE
  • **Oli to review TODAY - done
  • **Oli to review TODAY - done
    • CoTech - trialling
  • MEL: What they want is a Discourse thread on CoTech... to know what it's about - offer them the Multi-User account level - and to experiment with demo (although this may have some issues with more than 3 people)
  • **MEl: to reply to CoTech
    • Social.coop -
  • MIKE: have had a poll about whether they want to trial Meet.coop - requirement are currently unclear -
  • **MIKE: to reply to Matt / Social.coop
  • Wouter - concern - we should define strategy for outreach - how do we want to go about this? - TBD @ product circle
  • Oli - onboarding process
    • ca.meet.coop onboarding activation email should be tailored to make it meet.coop friendly: HNG - Henning has changed outgoing email before - 10  mins (if on ColloCall)...
  • **Henning - look into how long this would take to do on ca.meet.coop
  • Mike - Agaric are here: WELCOME :)))

3 Organisational circle - 10min

  • Decisions on membership - ColloCall joined last week -
    • Wouter - when we vote on new Operationall Members let's do it online in the Forum - Mike, the reason it happened like that was so we could get Henning to do work ;)
  • Contribution accounting - Compensation framework, initial proposal at https://forum.meet.coop/t/compensation-framework/249/2 Wouter - presented proposal - will be offline for a few weeks so...
  • **All Members - read and comment in the forum by 14 Aug > then we move to a final version we can vote on by 17 Aug- to be voted on with one week
  • NB: Requires sorting out who can vote :
  • ** XX To make all Members "Members" in the Forum
    • Grant proposal development
    • https://pad.femprocomuns.cat/meetcoop-funding-proposal
  • Wouter: Aiming to submit proposal by tomorrow's deadline - this will be useful for other grant applications too
  • ** Make video ASAP - Filmed - but needs editing
    • Sociocracy training - The Open Co-op might be able to buy some training for any members of meet.coop that would like to join
  • ** Oli and Aaron to figure out when this could happen - and then to put forward a proposal to use Sociocracy at Meet.coop
    • Move existing funds into OC
  • ** Graham to feedback - confirm next week

4 AoB - 5min

    • Regular meetings:
    • All-hands meeting slot (Thu 15h CEST), in general:
    • Product Circle Fridays 12h CEST,
    • Org Circle Fridays 13h CEST and dates through July/Aug/Sep
    • Mike - news - Stepping down from Operational Membership :( Wouter - Please stay in touch and join when you can / if you like...
    • Other?

5 Concerns round -  none!

** Oli to draft Video script and share asap - done

Maybe 10am BST - to record with:

  1. Oli
  2. Wouter
  3. Mel
  4. Aaron
  5. Yasu
  6. Mike


    • Describe the problem
    • more online
    • giving up privavcy
    • collective / ethical sollution
    • who we are
    • what we do
    • How do we solve the prob / meet the need
    • we use open source BBB
    • we're a  co-op anyone can join - and have say...
    • We belive in users being able to organise better
    • This is what we have (min service running, have several memebrs, using it daily - very positive ) but LLOTS to do : imprive onboarding, simultaneous translations, want to grow into a fedated international decentrllaised netweork, with clusters