4th June 2020

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Proposed Agenda

Please do add to and improve and we'll agree it at the start of the meeting.

  1. attendance round: as there'll likely to be new people joining the meet, we do a brief round, with name and organisation and commitment to contribute to Meet.coop
  2. brief presentation slides About The Online Meeting Cooperative (to be all on the same page), check thread On decentralisation
  3. preparing for OPEN 2020
    • test demo.meet.coop
    • user accounts registration
    • team and moderators prep
    • support during the event
    • brief description on the BBB home
    • prepare meet.coop server
    • communication about meet.coop
    • can someone commit to contribute the digital infrastructure session, see this post
  4. discussion about languages, multiculturalism, gender-balance
  5. meet.coop servers, see Servers
  6. discussion about contributions and service levels for different user roles
  7. confirm Membership and Contributions
  8. visual design: contribute to wiki
  9. how do we organise ourselves to do tasks such as:
    • get access to systems: thread
    • weekly meetings
    • Building a social media presence and promoting the co-op.
    • Contributing to the git repos,
    • NextCloud at cloud.meet.coop
    • Fundraising
    • Economy
    • Updating the website, this uses Jekyll, see the git repo here, this is set up so that files can be editing using the GitLab web interface and this automatically updates the staging site on each commit and then their is a button to click to update the live site.
    • What else?
  10. anything else that comes up

Maybe we'd need a break-out session - depending on how many we are and what topics could be best discussed in parallel.


Who's here? patcon, chris, david jacovkis, decentrl1se, elon, mel, mike, mike, oli

Note-taking: patcon, ... plz halp

Facilitator: wouter?

Agenda source: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/4th_June_2020

## Notes

- intros

  • - wouter, from femProcomuns in barcelona, Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) in Amsterdam
  • - chris. webarch. sysadmin/devops. working with luke.
  • - luke. no audio (probs with his mike)
  • - mel. designer. working on logo
  • - sebastien. koumbit. montreal, canada. really soon server for event :tada:
  • - oli. organizing conf next week. opencoop.
  • - mike. working with mike on OPEN 2020
  • - david. barcelona. working with FKI and sysadmin at femprocomuns.
  • - yurko. hypha, toronto. ansible work.
  • - elon. hypha. network admin.
  • - patcon. hypha. new arrival.
  • - robert best. toronto.
  • - yasu.
  • set up server for OPEN 2020 in coming days
  • consolidation of co-op group to offer alternative to larger network actors like google / GAFAM
  • hypha confirmed produced member status
  • diglife collective offering server :tada:
  • member types: ovals
  • "custodian" members in the centre agreed to take legal responsibility and custody of any funds, e.g., payments go through them
  • producer members. inner circle.
  • hope hypha can take local role. still questions? how for formalize. consortium agreement?
  • consumer members. outer circle.
  • alpha server ready in a few days. on koumbit.
  • what needs to be addressed in next few days? (oli)
  • snaglist: https://pad.disroot.org/p/bbbsnaglist
  • breakouts. "assign random". didn't work. no-op. drag-and-drop works, just not random.
  • no way to exit breakout. yurko: in our server, each breakout in new tab. oli: not same for our server
  • TEST: found that when participant at least, breakouts are in new tabs.
  • TEST: breakouts. oli: can't duck out of rooms after we're in. yurko: can see list of rooms in "chat", and move between
  • custom naming of rooms. that possible?
  • yurko: breakouts seems same technically as full room, but marked as child. might be just UI issue.
  • audio test during every move. might be a deal-breaker.
  • yurko: found no easy way to disable echo test.
  • can't disable whiteboard for all but presenter. when you disable, you see tiled faces. but no way to focus on person speaking; it's user choice.
  • patcon: sorry, should be noting in snaglist...
  • Change the default text at the room (now: Welcome to Meet.coop [meeting room name]!
  • For help on using BigBlueButton see these (short) tutorial videos.
  • To join the audio bridge click the phone button.  Use a headset to avoid causing background noise for others.
  • This server is running BigBlueButton.
  • To invite someone to the meeting, send them this link:  https://demo.meet.coop/b/wou-hsv-one
  • What would need to go in there?
  • chris: we should view this server as specific to OPEN2020 and make whatever changes we need, not worrying about "future use"
  • #todo figure out how to remove echo test
  • #todo figure out bulk add
  • yurko: might be custom frontend type thing.
  • chris: heard there was a greenlight interface...? wouter: yes. but had config issue, re: email. should work if email setup?
  • chris: suggest new server = invite only.
  • could write ansible to create user accounts, but would rather not bc hard to know which worked. web keeps track better than ansible approach.
  • oli: don't mind non-payers coming so much, rather might get out on twitter and trolled
  • wouter: just tested -- comma-separated invites work fine.
  • yurko: were links diffferent?
  • ... patcon: missed some notes due to missing video troubleshooting
  • wouter: token'd invite get discarded if clicked for one email and another is logged in
  • echo test github issue https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton/pull/8696
  • #todo cherrypick server commit. would need to fork server (we've already forked greenlight)
  • for identifying issues, can just use forum (no need to signup for git.coop)
  • koumbit can support server, but emphatically not experts on BBB

6. servers

  • issues: https://git.coop/groups/meet/-/issues
  • chris: PROPOSAL we shoud redirect meet.coop to ca.meet.coop, since there will be more in the future and they won't have single sign-on.
  • no objections, so can move fwd
  • opencoop offering $500 and additional depending on OPEN2020 proceeds through OpenCollective
  • oli@opencoop offered wouter fiscal sponsorhip with their opencollective, with no fees
  • wouter: invoice monthly for koumbit server? sebastien: yes.
  • links shared in chat
  • https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton/pull/8696/commits
  • https://forum.meet.coop/c/producers/12
  • wouter: #todo time into tracker.  once every 2 weeks ish
  • wouter: #todo help keep costs in spreadsheet finance tracker
  • design of logos
  • #todo get link
  • ubuntu inspired
  • two ppl holding hands with heads
  • playing around with
  • patcon: contrast of "coop" with thin lines? like dots as heads more than commas, but defer to designer-sense
  • wouter: playful
  • first association was "M" of "mail"
  • like the ppl approach. pro "dots" over commas
  • chris: could the circle around be "c" for "coop"?
  • https://forum.meet.coop/t/about-the-design-category/66
  • yasu: japanese worker co-ops are interested to attend. they had free trial use of Google, but coming to end. looking for alternatives.
  • JICR. [?] large co-op. 10,000+ members.
  • really huge infra needs
  • head of systems department was in call with yasu
  • coworking space?
  • decentral1se and chris can lurk in #meetcoop on freenode for sync chat