5th August 2020 Tech

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1) Current servers

  • Would be interesting to know server versions.
  • Luke gets the BBB version.
  • Test servers still needed?
    • decentral1se: we should get rid of them.
  • Check which TURN/STUN servers
  • stablize demo and ca servers, leave the rest?
  • Luke asks fosshost if they need dev VM
  • Henning is in Contact with Koumbit for "downgrading" current production server

2) Troubleshooting / Demo server problems?

  • We need a FAQ in the long term for client problems
  • Create list of problems in wiki
  • Problem with webcam and Safari
    • Henning: Probably fixed by newer BBB version or a problem with TURN-Server/local networking
    • First update BBB
    • Check TURN server