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1. (5 min) 2 paying members cannot use video Meet.coop at the moment due to Safari 2. (5 min) Feedback from Platform 6 re: fiscal hosting 3. (5 min) Vote in list of members https://forum.meet.coop/t/list-of-operational-members/262 4. (10 min) Collect feedback on compensation framework by Monday https://forum.meet.coop/t/compensation-framework/249 5. (15 min) Walk through virtual office and workflow proposal https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Virtual_Office


Notetaker: graham

    • = Action Item
      • = Block

1. Safari issues. Not inherent in BBB, so can be resolved. Step i - clarity on versions and then get up to date. In interim, advise users to use Chrome or Firefox. Steps to fix: first on demo server. Production server will take longer. Delegated to Texh circle. Update public-facing content ot advise user not to use Safari. Tech Circle to feedback with ETA on a fix to the production server.

      • demo server SSH - decentralised
      • prod server provision - sebas

after blockers are cleared - demo: 1 day - prod: 1 day

- hng on vacation for X days

2. Graham: P6 can operate the Open Collective on zero fee basis up to 12 months as its contribution, and apply for membership as an Operational Member** - Invoicing (additional/separately to OC bc of tax burden). Need advice, in terms of invoicing and jurisdiction. Working on this** - facilitate bank tx to avoid stripe fees, etc. - Oli: how to account for zero fee as contribution - Graham: will track time in kimai - Oli: bring existing funds in**

--- Intros:

   - Casey (Brooklyn, social.coop, platform coop,  design + webdev, biz, ops, project management)
   - Robert (Canada. interested in funding models for infrastructure, cooperation between cooperatives, hosts weekly call around open coveesation - curious about how that could work within a meet.coop context)


3. Vote on membership Definition of operational membership has been approved. Now need to decide on who the operational members are. We have criteria, but not yet clear on process.

Oli: where do we make dcecisions? Ben: both here and in Forum? Maybe wwew ca ntry to make decisions in the All Hands meetings - but if there are not enough people, or anyone blocks or has concerns, then it can move to the forum

Henning - concern - not sure if Koumbit have applied - need an offficial request... Also not sure about voting in with contributions We should decide on the contrunution WITH the member (i.e. if servers are being offered from different countries)

    • Organisational working group - Define clear process for onboarding Operational Members
   https://forum.meet.coop/t/compensation-framework/249 All Members - read and        comment in the forum by 14 Aug > then we move to a final version  we can vote on by 17 Aug- to be voted on with one week

4. Collect feedback on compensation framework Henning: concerned about fixed €25 hourly rate - has internal meeting - will review thread and try to propose new options Ben: has blocking issue - would propose a bounty system instead

5. Walk through virtual office and workflow proposal https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Virtual_Office Oli - not sure everything in Cirlces is the best folder structure in Next Cloud

Oli - too many tools: why do we need a wiki and a forum and shared docs within Nextcloud? - it's too many places / channels

    • Org circle to define tools

should these notes be public - saved to the Wiki or in NextCloud ? TBD

See: https://handbook.hypha.coop/working-open.html