7 Aug 2020 Product

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1. The offer

Pitch needs to br braoder - to gain more market share - broader messaging ... "BBB" - "co-op owned infrastructure" etc - needs to change to ...

"quality / good uer experience / the service offer help / training / access to tech support"

people want SIMPLE and CUSTOMISATION... and a fully integrated system ala Google suite... plus sales materials to use internally - what's the benefits / purpose of using co-op/BBB ... single page - values / tech ... Google can't provide a person to speak to you... Meet.cooop can...

2. Marketing Strategy

Target Market and what they are looking for.

Individual accounts are ok...

Attracting Orgs - higher value customers - we need a tech roadmap to be able to deploy custom servers FAST and cost effectively.

Agree a broad strategy ? to focus on trying to attract Orgs that want custom servers...

** Need time line from Collocall for being able to deploy

3. What's the marketing pitch?

Demo video? Live demo/tour? Features and benefits page.

Change demo / to a video tour oand / or offer of a live tour so people can experience the real thing

** Make video tour - Oli + Graham + Mel

** Page on website - features / benefits

** Page of Operational Members

** Blog set up - Ben

4. Logo/Brand

Oli - brand survey - ask for input in forum - then Product group to distill and then develop brand / colours / word mark ...

Mel - people think of "meat"... wiki mentions this may be a problem in the future...

include Q about name in brand survey.

5. Pricing

why € on web site andf then £ on OC? just because of OC fiscal host...

** Switch prices into £ on web for consitency

6. log for feature requests/user feedback

where to host this? Forum thread with up votes for priorities? / Form on website? link from website to forum

7. location for docs

location for user manual / handbook .... built from FAQs and new users asking via email / Forum.


- yasu: on customization of UI https://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/jwcu/