7th July 2020 Funding

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  • What needs funding
  • Funding providers
  • How to approach them
  • Approaches for appealing to funders


  • Present: decentral1se, wouter
  • Timing: 1 hr


  • decentral1se: Publish a SSO overview page to level the playing field on discussion (with regard to the onboarding discussion)
  • wouter: Reach out to NLNet, SIDN fonds, Dyne to see if there is interest (before diving into propsal forming)
  • all: Flesh out rough funding proposal https://pad.femprocomuns.cat/meetcoop-funding-proposal

Scratchpad notes transferred from shared pad

SSO  wiki page, level playing field page

SIDN: max 75k€, https://www.sidnfonds.nl/internet-against-corona

present as an organisation based in the Netherlands:

* Autonomic: Ltd company in the UK

* Free Knowledge Institute (in Amsterdam)

with a group of organisations (operational members of Meet.coop)

"Trustworthy and secure digital solutions Solutions that handle data carefully and can be fully trusted on privacy and security are vital now that so many of us are making extensive use of the internet for working, learning and living at home. "

video conferencing platforms:

key things need funding in meetcoop:

   1) onboarding and user management

   2) improvements to Greenlight

   3) improvements to BBB

two approaches:

a) get funding for a specific thing like "to develop like an onboarding web app"

 b) seek funding for meetcoop in a broader sense

check with NlNet, SIDN, NGI


check Sylk:https://www.ngi.eu/news/2020/05/14/adrian-georgescu-on-how-sylk-makes-for-smooth-videoconferencing/

Datrs nlnet proposal that has been sent: https://hackmd.io/nSLHifkzST2Y7ty4INWQng

SIDN fonds looks more formal (video required, for example) but you can test the idea first: https://www.sidnfonds.nl/aanvragen/pitchjeidee

NLNet looks quite informal, depends i guess but what ive seen is a lot of informal pads being sent it