9nd July 2020

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Main Meetcoop Meeting Room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt


  • Attendance round (in case new people join): everybody briefly states name and affiliations
  • Membership https://forum.meet.coop/t/consensus-membership/171
  • Circles https://forum.meet.coop/t/governance-model/128/84
  • Service levels https://forum.meet.coop/t/what-services-can-we-offer-from-1st-july-2020/130/30?u=benhylau
  • Grants proposals
  • Any other issue

Attendants: OSB, Mike, Ben, Mike, Aaron, DavidJaco, Chris, Yasuaki, Wouter + Elon in listenonly mode NOTESOSB comments on the costs and process of managing a collective at OpenCollective. and has some hesitations. Ben comments that it could be done inside Transferwise directly. https://transferwise.com/nl WT: how about https://liberapay.com/ ? Ben did some research about payment systems and int'l transfers and considers that Transferwise is farthest ahead. -> move to circle: Products / Services (circle to be confirmed)
Attendance round not needed as we have all been together in previous meetings
Membership proposal:   https://forum.meet.coop/t/consensus-membership/171

  • VOTES: 7 favourable votes; Chris: abstain; Yasu: abstainAmmendments suggested (to be included in a revision of the above proposal - and voted in again):
  •    - operational member: entitled to get free small account
  •    - operational members: value of 1000€ ?
  •    - operational members need to be voted in by existing operational members
  •    - user members can not resell, unless they are also an operational member   

Circles of Work https://forum.meet.coop/t/governance-model/128/84 After last Tuesday's meeting with Aaron introducing Sociocracy, Ben, Mike, Wouter; here's the rough proposal of circles with initial members:

    • Organizational Operations
      • @wouter @osb @mikemh @aaronhirtenstein …
      • Governance model, financial processes, organizational mission, All Hands meetings
    • Product Strategy and Services
      • @osb @melissamcnab @wouter @hng @petter
      • Determine service levels, reseller program, roadmap, branding, external communications, events liaising, onboarding and first line support
    • Technology Operations (DevOps)
      • @chris @decentral1se @Yurko @hng m
      • Manage the infrastructure and GitLab spaces, development of new features, answer technical questions on forum, etc.

Comments / notes

  •    All Hands Circle - OSB suggesting to remove this from Organizational OperationsEach Circle takes care of a category in the forum and a folder in the shared nextcloud with the same name.
    Quick round: no one has critical concerns. Yeah!
    Service levelhttps://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/Service_levelsProposal at: https://forum.meet.coop/t/what-services-can-we-offer-from-1st-july-2020/130/30
    Chris: we can't increase prices later on, but we could lower. People won't join us for price but for other reasons.

Mike: from a user PoV prices are important. Aaron: now we could ask everybody how s/he feels about the proposal and ammend if necessary. OSB: Clarifying question: ratinale behind loosing Individual and Micro service levels = simplicity Recording: don't promise now, because it depends on new developments still to be matured, and offer the upgrade when we can guarantee that
OSB: unsure about the labels for the various tiers

and the price jump from 15 to 40 Euros per month - this is a big jump DJ: now it's more than just the one-shot thing we did for Open2020, now we're trying to offer a stable service with long term commitment. That's urgent for
Wouter: unsure about prices / levels

not afraid of 6 vs 4 service levels, because 6 will fit better with a diverse set of needs of people with different levels of purchase power Check our Medium level from the wiki/Organisaton level from v3 (100€) with the  ColloCall level for 'Server' level for which they charge €200/month https://collocall.de/index.html#preise Update: the Colllocal service of 200€ has max 250 ppl and ours in v3 for 100€ with 100 max participants. From chat - Ben clarifies:     The Free tier is a single Greenlight container centrally managed by Meet.coop where anyone may self-register, these users are not considered Members    A Reseller gets three Greenlight containers: Small, Medium, Large, which they resell and revenue share with Meet.coop    The Organization and Custom tiers are centrally sold and managed by Meet.coop   The Event server is managed by Meet.coop and available to Members for a time duration for a fee (the fee is based on duration if requirements fall within what is offered in our “intake checklist”, custom work will be quoted custom) Petter - likes simple model of price levels
Chris - makes us aware that switching account / service levels requires manual changes to delete and re-create a new account
Ben - the above is one reason to have less tiers
wrap up - some agreement to maintian RRPs

and containers for each reseller, to avoid the need to move accounts between containers Product&Services Circle: meet next Tuesday preferably in the morning, others say afternoon: time needs to be agreed still.