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A co-op of co-ops

The Online Meeting Co-operative is a co-operative of co-operatives who share work and expenses in order to provide online meeting services to members.

Membership structure

Membership of The Online Meeting Co-operative is only open to co-operatives.

There are two classes of membership, consumer member co-ops and producer member co-ops (producer member co-ops will generally also be consumers).

We try to make decisions using consensus but if this fails there is one vote per member co-operative.

Services provided to consumer member co-ops

Each co-operative consumer member is provided with one or more BigBlueButton Greenlight containers, on a fair use basis, with these customisation options:

  • Full control over the provisioning of accounts
  • Your own domain / sub-domain for the service, for example
  • Your own email address / account for password reminders etc, this can use a SMTP account on your own server, for example
  • Your choice of max number of rooms per account
  • Your choice of max duration of meetings
  • Your choice of max participants in meetings

Services provided by producer member co-ops

The producer member co-ops work together to ensure:

  • Consumer members are supported
  • Servers are provisioned and maintained
  • Bills for servers are paid
  • Consumer members co-operatives contribute a fair amount towards the cost of the services they use
  • Producer co-operatives are are paid a fair amount based on the amount of time their workers contribute to the co-operative

Services provided directly by member co-operatives

Services available directly from member co-operatives of The Online Meeting Co-operative:

Greenlight user accounts

If you want one or more accounts to host meetings for yourself or your organisation then sign up for a service from one of these co-operatives directly:

  • Collective.Tools

Dedicated Greenlight containers

If your organisation is a co-operative you can join the Online Meeting Co-operative as a produced member and be provided with one or more Greenlight containers, if you are an individual or organisation which is not a co-operative you can purchase a Greenlight container from one of the members of the Online Meeting Co-operative who provide them for clients:


Greenlight container customisation

  • A maintained fork of the default Greenlight Docker image (the default is the code for which is available here to allow additional branding and user interface changes other than simply colours and the logo

Available from Autonomic

Dedicated BigBlueButton servers

Sysadmin provisioning of dedicated BigBlueButton servers, these allow additional options:

  • Enabling of meeting recordings
  • API access for CMS plugins such as Nextcloud, Moodle, WordPress and Drupal

Available from