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This is not a "free service". Yes, the service is based completely on software that is free-as-in-freedom and is developed as open source, documented to be shared and replicated by all. No, we are not like those platforms that offer you a service for "free" in exchange for your data: we care for privacy and don't trade with your intimacy. And yes, everyone is free to use the service, although restrictions may apply to those who don't contribute. We embrace the adagio "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs."

As a cooperative project that wants to share its collective platform between members we need people and organisations to commit contributions to the project. The more we pool our contributions, the more abundant resource we will have all together.

We distinguish two types of member organisations: co-producers and users/consumers. The producers commit to dedicate time and/or money and other resources. The consumers make a financial contribution to the group of producers. Without the immediate need to set up yet another legal entity, the initial co-producers have agreed to take responsibility for the project and receive contributions from other members on behalf of the project.

Co-producing members:

We invite other interested organisations to join us either as co-producers or as consumer members. We recommend that consumer members become formal members of one of the co-producer cooperatives and pay their contribution to them, which they then take custody of on behalf of the collective.

Other contributions are also much appreciated, such as (dedicated) servers and time to work on relevant tasks.

Suggested level of contributions

As a collectively organised shared resource we follow the adagio of "the more the merrier" and when more organisations and people contribute money and resources to the project, the shared resource will be more abundant. Scarcity may also occur especially with intensive usage of the servers, with large groups. We will monitor and coordinate between us to avoid many concurrent large group sessions and build together a set of recommendations for best practices and responsible usage. If needs be, we will have to define different price tags for different sizes of organisations and concurrent users. We take it however as a shared responsibility to bring one's contributions in line with usage. As a rule of thumb, count 10€/host/month.

Individual contributions: basic user accounts are free so anyone can join an online session. We also want to allow people to host meetings with some restrictions (maybe 60 minutes max duration for free accounts). If you appreciate what we're doing and/or the sessions being organised on this platforms, we encourage you to make a donation through LiberaPay to the project and session organisers. A donation of 120€ annually would make a huge contribution and will get you a hosting account plus 1 GB storage for recordings.

Consumer members: Annual membership for the first year is established at a minimum of 500€ per consumer member. That will entitle the organisation to make use of the shared services, possible limitations in group size and frequency of large group sessions may apply, the first host account will have more recording storage capacity (5 GB). Bigger organisations and those with more intense usage are encouraged to make a larger contributions. Micro-organisations could also contribute less, according to their ability.

Co-producer members: organisations who want to get involved in the actual production and take responsibility for the operation of the shared services are invited to join as co-producers. We have a team of DevOps where deployment strategies and scripts are worked on and issues and improvements are discussed. The resulting knowledge and code is published transparently under free licenses. To become a co-producer member, a contribution valued at between 500 and 1000€ is requested in the form of time (20-40 hours), server resources and/or money. Co-producer members have all the benefits of consumer members plus their direct participation in the production enables them to replicate this service for their own communities.

After start up, membership contributions for the second year are expected to be lower.

Organisational contributions

In the below table interested organisations can specify their interest in participation and the resources they can contribute to the project.

Organisation name Consumer / Producer Description of needs Contribution: People Contribution: Servers and other resources Contribution: money Member of co-producer Other comments Producer Team meetings 6ppl, conferences 20-50ppl, maybe webinars 50-150ppl Petter 50-100€/month for renting servers, initial demo installation at
femProcomuns Producer team meetings (ca 10 ppl), workshops (10-15 ppl), meetups and assemblies (10-50 ppl), conferences (20-50 ppl) Wouter and David up to 40 hours
Webarchitects Producer Chris, sysadmin and DevOps time
Remix the Commons Yves
Free Knowledge Institute Consumer meetings (5-20 ppl), workshops, courses (5-30 ppl) 500 € femProcomuns
Hypha Producer collectively managed ansibles, a reliable instance to compare performance, collaborate to learn about infra management practices outside of our org Ben, Yurko, and Elon (up to 40 hours) share experience in running BBB (wiki and chat), scripts we use to monitor and maintain, review ansibles and spin up test instances, tell people to use the instance and direct them to support financially
Koumbit Sébastien
Agile collective Aaron
Animorph Co-op Consumer 500 € (450 GBP) Webarchitects
Digital Life Collective Producer 2x E5440 @ 2.83GHz (8 core) 16GiB ram 2TB machine at Producer
  • VPS,, development server, 4G RAM, 4 cores
  • TURN/STUN server,
Autonomic Cooperative Producer Luke (decentral1se) DevOps work Webarchitects
Living Economy Consumer Mike Hales below is a Producer €120 as 'crowdfunding'; Mike is a Producer
May First Movement Technology Consumer (but might well end up being a Producer) £225 Webarchitects

Individual Contributions

Individual contributions are encouraged to take on open tasks. Valuable contributions can be awarded with an upgrade in their user profile to become Session Organisers.

Name Profile Contribution Expected reward Other comments
Melissa Graphic designer Logo design upgrade to Session Organiser
Yasu Programmer Market Research / Packaging Currently researching 1) what might sell to a large worker cooperative 2) most efficient way to package (possibly using Nix) so BBB can be easily self-hosted for casual uses
Mike Hales Commons-cooperative economy. Designer, facilitator. Researcher, writer. €120 annual 'crowdfunding'. Also producer member (governance, organisation design, etc) Session Organiser account