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Jump to navigation Jump to search, The Online Meeting Co-operative, is a meeting and conferencing platform powered by BigBlueButton, stewarded by co-operatives across the world.

We have two types of memberships–Operational Members and User Members. One may apply to each membership type as an individual or as an organization. In the below text, the word “you” imply the individual or a member of the organization.

Operational Members steward all operational aspects of

  • To apply, you must commit a minimum of 1000 in Euros, equivalent resources, or 40 hours of voluntary labour in work areas defined by the Co-operative.
  • In turn, you may participate in the Co-operative’s Circles and are eligible to apply for waged roles defined by the Co-operative. You may also resell our BigBlueButton server capacity via a set of Greenlight containers, under your administration, that correspond to the Service Levels defined by the Co-operative.
  • To maintain active membership, you must be contributor to at least one Circle and participate in at least 50% of our All Hands Meetings. If you are reselling services, you commit to pay a portion of your resale revenue, set by the Co-operative, to the Co-operative for covering its operation costs. You must also maintain a reasonable level of service to the User Members using services through your Greenlight containers, and provide best-effort oversight in compliance with the Co-operative’s Fair Use Agreement.
  • All active Operational Members are entitled to a membership account.

User Members use services.

  • To apply, you must commit a minimum contribution corresponding to your selected Service Level.
  • In turn, you will receive services corresponding to your selected Service Level. You may also voluntarily participate in the Co-operative’s Circles.
  • To maintain active membership, you must maintain good standing with membership fees and comply with the Terms of Use, which includes a Fair Use Agreement.

All membership starts with an application to become members. User members can join automatically, while Operational Members will need to be approved by the existing members. User members can not resell, unless they are also an operational member.

Upon approval, in addition to the responsibilities and rights for the type of membership, the new member may also participate in the Assembly, Forum, and other member spaces. All memberships come with rights to participate in the Co-operative’s decision-making process that correspond to the membership type and level of participation.

How can you become a member

Make your contribution through the OpenCollective platform: You can choose the desired contribution level according to your needs.

After contribution, we will make sure your account gets upgraded if necessary. Your contribution makes this cooperative commons possible!