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This plan was discussed and broadly agreed at the meeting on 21st May 2020.

The following could be done using one geographical location in Europe to start with or potentially with servers in Europe, Australasia and North America.

There is a urgent need and a desire to have something up and running as soon as possible to show off the functionality BBB offers to a wider audience and to provide a platform for events such as Open2020.

Proof of Concept Stage

  1. The BBB server has illustrated the functionality BBB, it is clearly the best choice for the Online Meeting Co-operative.
  2. Before the 1st June, get as much of the preparation of a server as automated as possible using development virtual servers.
  3. Rent the most powerful physical server with the most uncapped bandwidth that we can afford for 3 months — if the first users don't have a good experience it would be damaging for the prospects of the co-op.

Alpha Stage: 1st June 2020 onwards

  1. Alpha server options and thoughts on the Frontend.
  2. Go live with and don't worry about metering access or tracking usage, aim for giving as many co-operators as possible the chance to try BBB and have a good experience.
  3. Work on (Ansible?) provisioning of API access to enable difference organisations to test authentication using their existing systems against BBB servers.
  4. Raise the funds to pay for the next stage.

Beta Stage: 1st September 2020 onwards

  1. Go live with, multiple servers per data centre with load balancing.
  2. Raise funds to pay for the work we are doing and our own physical servers for the production stage.

Production Stage: 1st January 2021 onwards

  1. Multiple load balanced BBB sub-domains, for example,,,
  2. Fully automated server group and user account provisioning and scaling, BBB as a service for members and clients.
  3. Automated usage invoicing.
  4. All systems running on our own servers with green electricity in co-operative data centres.
  5. BBB installs as a service for organisations such as schools and colleges.