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See also the discussion thread on the forum for this proposal.

Services we hope to offer from 1st July 2020

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Online Meeting Co-operative Services for July 2020


Physical server
Meeting recording
Custom branding, logo and colours and dedicated domain name / sub-domain for meetings and emails
User accounts 1 1 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of virtual meeting rooms per account 1 room 3 room 6 rooms 9 rooms 12 Unlimited
Meeting duration limit 60 minutes 3 hours 6 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours
Meeting participants limit 10 20 20 50 250 Unlimited
Membership / account creation / setup cost* Free €10 20€ €50 €200 €300
Monthly cost Free €10 20€ €50 €100 Depends on server specification and location,

*) Setup costs will be waived when a minimum 12 months commitment is made


There are setting up tasks that need doing to get this up and running by 1st July and also ongoing tasks that will be needed through out July.

Setup tasks

These are all very urgent and ones marked (Who?) need volunteers to take them on:

BBB tasks

  1. Running PostgreSQL on the BBB server (Chris)
  2. Running multiple Greenlight containers (Chris)

Greenlight tasks

  1. Using env vars rather than branches for Greenlight customisation (Luke) (DONE)
  2. Incorporating ColloCall Greenlight updates (Luke) (DONE)

Website tasks

  1. Write a privacy policy and publish it (Who?)
  2. Write a fair usage policy (we can't limit things like bandwidth, CPU, RAM and disk usage for anyone not on a dedicated server) (Who?)
  3. Create a account sign-up and payment form and publish it (Who?)

On going tasks

  1. Sysadmin / server updates / Greenlight updates (Chris and Luke?)
  2. Container creation and removal (Chris and Luke?)
  3. Bookeeping and account creation upon payment and account closing, when accounts are cancelled (Who?)
  4. Customer support, via BBB or email or the forum? (Who?)