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part of femProcomuns and Free Knowledge Institute. In the multistakeholder cooperative femProcomuns I’m a worker member especially active in CommonsCloud – a cooperative cloud service offering NextCloud, Discourse, Phabricator, LimeSurvey to its members and XOIC – the open community network for Internet of Things within The Things Network Catalonia.


   • raise awareness about privacy, anonymity, free knowledge and decentralisation
   • help build an ecosystem to become independent from GAFAM and surveillance capatalism in general
   • help build community owned infrastructure and human capacity in the Internet of Things
   • foster the economy of the commons, study, accompany and support commons oriented projects


   • define, shape projects in a commons oriented sustainability model
   • get people together around a shared mission and seek for mutual benefits
   • help build a systems architecture based on popular Free Software web applications, such as MediaWiki, WordPress, Drupal, NextCloud, Discourse, LimeSurvey, Moodle, Odoo, ...
   • shape user processes and documentation


   • English
   • Dutch
   • Catalan
   • Spanish