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on this page we can share ideas and references that can serve as input for designing a logo for Mel is working on that and has asked us for inputs.

What does "" mean to you?

  • "meet" refers to people meeting and connecting
  • "coop" indicates the cooperative principles
  • is about people meeting, working together in a cooperative way, through a cooperative online platform
  • threat: people associating with animal meat, it sounds the same, though quite a different business ;-) Therefore we don't exclude the possibility to also have other domain names pointing to our servers. is nice short though.

About the project name and tag line

We have chosen as working title for the project "The Online Meeting Cooperative". Should it be in or under the logo? Possibly. Apart from the name of the project we might come up with a specific tag line, or just consider "the Online Meeting Cooperative" as its tag line.

Imaginations and ideas

Ubuntu logo
  • user:wouter: I like the Ubuntu logo where three people hand each others' hands, combine that somehow with a video conference where multiple people connect to each other through their screens. We also have a commitment to green energy which could be reflected in the colours.
  • Linked hands was my first thought too. The Ubuntu circle is a good strong shape. Rather than three screens (complex, fussy) maybe a single symbol in the centre of the circle - either signifying web/digital networking? or signifying interaction/communication? Maybe even something very abstract but forceful like ❋ or ❤︎ or ❝ ?
  • user:petter: I think that it would be good to think about the overall colours and graphic profile too in relation to the logo, if someone can contribute to that. Also maybe a more unique illustration for the website would be cool. I've been quite happy with the profiles of my recent project and that a graphic designer did for us. uses open source fonts and a sort of techy yet accessible design. And both use bold colours which I think works well. Would also like the design to be WCAG compliant (accessibility guidelines) in terms of colour contrast, text sizes etc.
Meet.Coop Runner ups.png
  • User:Melissa Within these you can see 3 different letters: O, M, C. O: Online, M: Meeting, C: Co-operative. The M is divided into two seperate colours, with heads to show two people connecting.